Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waiting on summer...

                                        I did not take this picture, but I sure would have loved to!
                                                  So, I guess, I stole this photo today!

     I find myself shuffling through this old house, with a chill in my bones. I feel old ( not that I am). I find myself thinking about sun, the sand, and the warmth of both. I find myself wishing the chill that I carry, was the bitter chill of the ocean on a hot summer day. This house groans when its cold, It creaks and complains when the winds blow. I couldn't agree more with the sounds, as they are the very same that echo through me as soon as the days shorten.
     I can almost hear the surf rushing in, I realize, that same sound is made when my doors open, suctioned shut by the bitter damp air, swelling the wood. The house groans again, with it, the dogs shuffle, and I Sigh. They say its only 67 days until summer...I am waiting.

1 comment:

  1. Julie, I love your descriptions when writing. Makes me feel the cold as if I'm there. Makes me wish for spring and summer.